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v.1.8     (

 All mods and cheats collected from different sources have passed a lot of tests and selected the best in one collection.


 Collection of mods in my opinion the most useful and necessary! nothing extra!!! without XVM

List of mods / cheats included in the build:


1.Commander's camera.

2.Screw .

3.The panel damage.

4.AutoEquip auto installation/removal of equipment.

5.Calculator of effectiveness in combat.

6.Timer for weapon information in combat.

7.Increased illumination lamp time.

8.Chance to win + HP teams.

9.Rating of marks on the barrel.

10.Horizontal aiming angles.

11.Rating of players in battle.

12.Statistics for the session.

ϟ Sights/Information:

1.Harpoon mini + fatality mixing.

2.The sight Taipan (mini).

3.Harpoon Lite.

4.Improved j1mb0 sight.

5.Upgraded sight setting Draug.

ϟ Damage counter:

1.Minimalistic log.

2.A detailed log.


1.Tundra (Makct).

2.Sniper mode for artillery.

3.Hit without light.

4.Laser pointer.

5.Target designator.


7.Reload your opponents.

8.Destroyed objects on the minimap.

9.Red balls for the arts.

10.Tanks outside the visibility rendering zone.

11.Deleting objects that are being shot.


13.The direction of the barrels on the minimap.

14.Lead marker for artillery.

ϟ Auto Sights/AimBot:

1.Autofocus is simple with capturing the target behind an obstacle.

2.Vang's autofocus.


4.Aimbot Evil

More mods (for an Amateur):

1.The trunks of chaos.

2.Transfer of the crew.

3.Light in the ears.

4.Disabling fog.

5.Zoom start x2 + improved visibility.

6.Armor penetration calculator.

7.Place of information of the Union art.

8.Reduce the circle of information by 2 times.

9.Retainer of the sight.

10.Circle 15m.

11.Blocking a shot at corpses.

12.Information panel.

13.HP and Packed damage in the ears.

14.Medals in battle.


16.Rating of stripes on the barrel in the hangar.


Setting the handbrake in sniper mode:

1.Free rotation of the camera.

2.Complete deactivation of the handbrake.

Control keys in the battle:

- Tundra - (default in sniper mode, full tundra F2).

- Screw - (repair, psaltery, treatment-space, adjustment for convenience in the hangar).

- Minimalistic damage log - (in combat, the left Alt shows a detailed log of the damage inflicted and the total damage inflicted by the platoon).

- AutoEquip - (Buy 1mask network, 1rog and hang in the hangar on all tanks))

- Black sky - (in the battle Alt +F11)

You can find other settings in the hangar.


Everything is configured by default! and ready to fight!

Relevant (Full version)

Enjoy your use and successful fights!!!

Для благодарных пользователей))




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  v.1.8  22.04.21

Many minor edits, changes, and updates...

Calculation for max fps!



On the site in the section " Different mods" Added: all mods by separation, as well as which are not in the collection!!!


Added the config page to the ambot Shaitan!


Added A Forum

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